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by Andrew Owings Nickel      512 657 0077 


Some of the merits of Polished Concrete...

Create a work of ART!

  1.   Plan your project far enough in advance of the concrete pour, and you can create astounding effects in your floor.

  2.   “Inclusions” into the wet concrete at the time of the pour can create awesome effects.

  3.   Colored rocks or pebbles can be added to change the size and color of the aggregate exposed.

  4.   Even glass bits can be added to be polished smooth and translucent.

  5.   In addition, the concrete can be colored, scored and patterned in any number of ways to your satisfaction.

Transform Ordinary Concrete:

  1.   Concrete floors can be polished to a glass-like finish. 

  2.   The amount of gloss can be controlled from a matte finish to the highest shine.

  3.    Increases the amount of light reflectivity.  Makes for a “brighter” room.

Lower Cost:

  1.   Polishing is less expensive than most options, especially in the long term.

  2.   Trouble free maintenance for years.

  3.   Permanent solution vs other transitory methods. You never have to restore a floor again.

  4.   All concrete slabs are chemically and physically different, so must be bid individually.  Feel free to call us!

Minimize Maintenance:

  1.   The concrete is able to breathe, avoiding costly maintenance issues, such as effervescence.

  2.   No concrete “dusting”

  3.   Polishing reduces the porosity, helping to seal off the surface.

  4.   Maintenance is simply sweeping and cleaning with a neutral cleaner as needed

Repair  Concrete:

  1.   The concrete polishing process can remove nearly all surface imperfections and and stains in the concrete

  2.   Almost all sound concrete can be can be polished.

  3.   “Nasty old”  concrete can be transformed into a sparkling surface. 

It Is Durable!

  1.    A densifer is used during the process, and it chemically strengthens the concrete.  It significantly  increases

its impact resistance and  compression strength.

  1.   Therefore, polished concrete can’t be damaged by forklifts and other machinery(except in extreme cases) or heavy foot traffic.

  2.   Immediate use after completion!

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